Your t-shirts, what are they made of? - Bernie from Fernie

Basically, they’re made out of antimatter, a fusion of atomic protons, just follow the link here to see the formula: Product Chart

What size should I pick?

- Our sizes are fairly standard, gentlemen never try anything on anyways. - If you want to compare with your favourite shirt, we made it pretty easy: click here to see the chart!

Do you have any washing tips? 

Yes! First tip : don’t forget the tip. Second tip: Cold water is always better, your tip might shrink, but your shirt won’t. To make sure it looks as fresh as possible, ironing is always an option. For your shirt, obviously.

Where do your t-shirts come from?

Our shirts are pocketed right here in the fine city of Montreal by our awesome team of seamstresses. If you want more details, send us a line at info@pochesetfils.com


What should I do if I can’t access my cart and I haven’t paid yet?

You can simply contact us at info@pochesetfils.com

What methods of payment are accepted?

In the very beginning, gold coins and beaver pelts were common currencies. Nowadays, we do have to limit ourselves to electronic dough: -Paypal -Credit Card

What should I do if I forgot to enter my promo code?

Just let us know at info@pochesetfils.com, we’ll make sure you pocket that reward.


What should I do if I messed up my address?

First off, you might want to get out of that house if it’s not yours…. Then, just send us a detailed message at info@pochesetfils.com with your order number and/or invoice within 48h from the time you placed the order. If the delay is not respected and that the order has already been sent, additional fees may be charged to ship the package a second time.

I just ordered and I think I messed up the size/color/pocket style. What should I do?

Please let us know at info@pochesetfils.com with your order number or invoice and the modifications you wish for us to perform.


What are the delivery timelines?

Standard delivery: 8-9 business days Express delivery: 5-7 business days Ultimate delivery: 2-4 business days *Please note: Business days do not include holidays and weekends.

Who delivers our famous pockets?

Canada Post takes care of all our deliveries.

My tracking number doesn't work !

Our tracking numbers can take up to 24h hours and sometime more before they are activated by Canada Post. If you just received the shipping confirmation it is normal that the number isn't activated yet. But don't worry! Your package is already on the way and the tracking will be available soon. If the tracking number is still inactive after 48h or if the code is working but you see a problem / stuck order on the tracking system, please feel free to contact us at info@pochesetfils.com and we will take care of the problem.


How do returns and exchanges work?

**Returns are only accepted for tops (t-shirts, tank-tops, sweatshirts and shirts). We do not offer returns or echanges for socks or boxers** Contact our customer service at info@pochesetfils.com within 30 days of your purchase.* We will send you a prepaid return label via email. In your package, please specify your order # and the requested change. Upon receipt, we will prepare your new top and ship it at the earliest! *You must validate the return with us before sending the top back.

What should I do if my product has a defect?

Send us a picture of the defect to info@pochesetfils.com with your order number and/or invoice.


Do you guys have a storefront?

Poches & Fils does not have a storefront but distributes its awesomeness all over the province. For a complete list of shops that carry our products, please see the “Contact us” section at the bottom of this page.

I want to collaborate with P&F or talk to them about anything else

Contact us at info@pochesetfils.com

Do you make custom pockets?

Yes, a minimum order of 100 pockets is required. For more information, write to corpo@pochesetfils.com * Note that the unit prices are reduced according to the quantities ordered.

Contact us

I want to talk to someone from Poches & Fils !

You can reach us by email at info@pochesetfils.com or, if you are in a hurry, you can try our live chat (bottom right of the screen) or Facebook inbox.